September 12, 2016



Teamed with a capacity of highly qualified and experienced staff in various key technical fields we are able to offer solutions that meet our clients’ needs without problems. Our experienced professionals strive to deliver seamless, consistent services wherever our clients operate.

The entire team is fully committed to increasing its knowledge and is aware of the importance of training in keeping abreast with the current technologies.

To compete in today’s economic environment, companies need to become adaptive to businesses, capable of responding quickly to ever evolving client demands. The world today boasts a variety of enterprises; small, medium and large, with unique needs based on their areas of specialization, type of business and budget allocation. To remain competitive in today’s economy, businesses need to take full advantage of information resources and maximize the value of IT investments. We at Tech-Vivid are capable of offering these solutions to any enterprise irrespective of their line of business. We are a time conscious organization that ensures time based deliverables are met within the set timelines.

Our success comes from our commitment to our company values, which are reflected in every project we undertake. These values include:

  • In-depth understanding of the local business environment that enables us to employ our expertise to develop and implement solutions that live to the expectations of our clients, as well as provide them with reliable and up to date computer hardware.
  • Commitment to our clients to deliver quality solutions on time and responsiveness to their needs
  • Well defined project management techniques and business processes
  • Strong technical and functional teams who are responsible for performance and implementation.
  • A highly experienced and professional management team
  • Up-to-date technology
  • A proven track record
  • International work experience
  • Innovation, team work and mutual respect in diversity. We embrace international standards in our business solutions.
  • We derive value through long-term partnerships with our stakeholders


To offer informed and effective business solutions to our customers with the aim of empowering them to better serve their customers.



“Experience, precision and brilliance’’ is a unique approach in the heart of everyone in the TechVivid team. Our main focus is to provide solutions that are not only brilliant but also precise in that they cater to the specific client’s needs, presented by an experienced team that understands the customer’s expectations and are capable of meeting them